Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ The Allied Chiropractic Team

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Dr Hogan is the very best ! There’s days that I cannot move my left shoulder or right leg from excruciating debilitating chronic pain and inflammatory arthritis and degenerative bone disease caused by my 1 and only flu vaccine injury reaction in 2013 that almost killed me and gave me my only flu ever in my life! I spent 2013 - 2015 in and out of hospitals and I am permanently disabled with irreversible damage to my joints and bones. I will never ever walk or jog or run or dance or hike or ride jet skis ever again ! Moral of the story — don’t ever get a toxic dangerous flu shot !!! They’re unnecessary and ruin people’s lives ! 

~Brett Maxwell

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Dr Hogan is amazing! He takes the time to fully understand you as a patient and what your goals are. He uses this knowledge as he works with you on your care plan and through your visits. He takes the time to make sure you are educated on what is going on with you so that you can be an active participant in your care.

Having been his patient for a number of years, I can say that I have never felt healthier! Like many busy professionals, I thought it was normal to be sick 4-6 times per year. My assumption was that I caught a cold traveling. This cold would usually keep me out of work for at least a week and I would barely be able to get out of bed for a few days.

Since being under Dr Hogan's care, I am rarely sick (about 1 week a year) and when i am it is very minor in terms of impact. When I hear a number of my colleagues complaining that they caught the cold that was going around, I smile to myself knowing that the time I've spent with Dr Hogan improving my immune system is paying off. I have more energy, sleep better, and overall feel great. I am so grateful to have Dr Hogan as part of my wellness team! ~ Jennifer Bolger

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Extremely knowledgeable... Dr. Hogan spends much more time with the patient than any other chiropractor I've visited prior to discovering this place. Somehow they are able to ensure minimal to zero wait time (0-5 minutes)- even though several patients are often there simultaneously. Highly recommend!!  ~Courtney Frankland

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Dr. Hogan is very attentive to understanding root cause of pain and prevention, spending time to discuss patient lifestyle and conducting a complete work up of your current physical condition before making the first adjustment. I have been to many Chiropractors in the past and none have been more thorough in developing a plan for continued care while taking time to educate patients on how they can be stronger advocates for their own health.

Strongly recommend Dr. Hogan to all my friends and family for their Chiropractic needs!

~Jay Leedy

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"I've been going to Dr. Chris for several years!

He delivers results, and know just what solution will solve any issue. He's a great healer!"

~Marie Franton